October 6, 2015

Learning French from French Language Movies

To learn French is very fun, exciting and rewarding. However, mastering French requires a significant investment of time. Since so much time is required, I find it is in my best interest to choose educational material for learning the French language.

I rarely watch movies in English anymore Learn French In Movies From Netflixbecause there are so many wonderful French movies available. These movies allow me to improve my French language skills, to learn about French culture, and to be entertained all at the same time.

Netflix has a library of over 900 French language movies to choose from and the volume is constantly growing. I have viewed about 150 of the movies and I highly recommend the following 10 titles (note that Netflix usually lists French language titles in English):

John’s Top Ten French Language Movie List

1. Bon Voyage – In one word – fantastic! This is my favorite French movie. The acting is fabulous by an all-star cast. The plot is interesting with many twists along the way. The English sub-titles are well done. I consider this as a must-see movie.

2. Tell No One – What an intriguing plot and what a superb (and very surprising) ending!

3. Amélie – A classic movie – very witty. The starring role is played by my favorite French actress Audrey Tautou.

4. A Very Long Engagement – Quite touching love story set in the World War II era. I enjoyed this movie immensely. Be forewarned of some intense war scenes.

5. Heartbreaker – This movie is absolutely hilarious and had me laughing throughout. It is a light-hearted love story with spectacular scenery of Monte Carlo.

6. Les Compères – A funny comedy that had me in stitches.

7. Molière – A delightful movie with amazing scenery.

8. My Best Friend – Wow – this comedy touched close to home for me.

9. A Prophet – A gripping story set in a French prison. A movie for those that do not mind violence in movies.

10. The Dinner Game – an absolutely hilarious comedy that is a must-see.

The best French movies are mainly available only on DVD from Netflix. The number of streaming movies is rapidly increasing but for now the DVD is the best way to view French movies.

If you do not yet have a membership with Netflix, start with a 1 month free trial by signing up at netflix.com.

I always watch French movies with the English subtitles turned on. This is very useful for learning a French word that I did not know and also for understanding dialogue when it is delivered too rapidly for me to keep up. I like it best when the subtitles are available in French because it improves my French language skills the most. This is because more of the French dialogue can be understood then the French text is displayed at the same time. Unfortunately French subtitles in movies are rarely available.

I hope you enjoy these French movies as much as I did! Ils sont formidables !

Please leave a comment about how you liked these movies or about another movie that you recommend.

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